Fall Snook Fishing In St. Pete

One of the best things about the fishery in St. Pete and the surrounding waters is year-round temperate weather. While winter might see some cold snaps, here in the Fall – fishing is just as good as ever. In this, snook fishing during the season is one of the primary focuses for anglers in the area.

Better Weather + Reduced Pressure

This is one of the key aspects to Fall (and Winter) fishing in St. Pete, Better Weather + Reduced Pressure.

This time of year is known for temperate days, less rainfall, and more comfort on the water. The average temps for October are 84° on the high side and  70° on the low. There is an average of just 4 rainfall days, which reflects a 60% drop when compared to the month before. In November the average temp range moves to 77° and 62°, with 3 rain days.

A reduction in pressure refers to boat traffic. While visitors may hardly tell there are fewer boats on the water, it is true to an extent. It is those summer days and mass family vacations that make that part of the year the busiest, and we do see this reduction in the Fall (after the start of school which is generally in mid-August).

There was also a catch and release season for snook this year to allow the species to recover from red tide that occurred earlier in the year. Normal snook closures are between Dec. 1 and the end of February and again from May 1 through Aug. 31. In 2021 FWC added an extended closure from July 16 through Oct. 11, which also included redfish and seatrout.

This combination of events has resulted in a lot of reduced pressure on the species and has made for a highly active Fall season thus far.

A picture of Fall Snook Fishing In St. Pete on one of our St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

Alongside snook fishing, Fall is great for redfish and seatrout as well.

Targeting Fall Snook

Fall is the time of year where backcountry snook fishing is the approach of choice. Especially as temps cool later in the season and we transition to winter, this species will hold up in areas where water temps are more comfortable. This can include warm-water outflows and spring-fed coastal rivers.

Early in the Fall season, snook fishing is much like the Spring. These fish are cruising the backwaters and flats looking for easy meals. In the Fall the goal is to fatten up for the winter.

In this, live bait and even topwater lures can produce aggressive strikes from snook in the Fall.

As temps lower, the species will move farther up rivers into brackish water and many find that utilizing artificial lures is key when fishing snook in those areas.

A picture of Fall Snook Fishing In St. Pete on one of our St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

Fish Fall Snook In St. Pete With Us

We have been taking clients out on a near-daily basis since the start of the Fall. All of the images on this page are from the past few days. Fishing is great and we look forward to getting as many people on the water as possible during this time of year. The fishing is just too good and the weather is great – especially if the heat of the summer is a concern for you.

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