Reds And Snook Waking Up

In Florida, spring begins to show her face earlier than most of the country because of the proximity of the Sunshine State to the equator. The subtropical climate provides us with shorter winters and perfect fishing weather for most of the year. Warmer springtime weather means rising water temperatures, invigorating the inshore bite for redfish and snook.

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year for fishing in Florida. In particular, the redfish and snook action heats up, giving inshore anglers outstanding opportunities to score big.

A picture of Reds And Snook Waking Up on one of our St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

Warming trends breathe new life into many inshore areas, including grass flats, shallow beach areas, inlets, and other skinny water habitats. As winter comes to an end, large numbers of snook and redfish begin to flood these inshore areas with voracious appetites.

Live bait is probably the most effective way to fish for inshore species, but artificials can also work well to hook up with reds and snook during this active fishing season.

Both species are hitting the shallows, searching for some of their favorite prey. Baitfish and crustaceans swarm to shallow water in the spring, and schools of fish are quick to follow. Shrimp, pinfish, scaled sardines, and threadfin herring are popular live bait options. In addition, soft plastics and topwater lures can do the trick for a great artificial bite.

A picture of Reds And Snook Waking Up on one of our St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

The Gulf of Mexico is well-known for its healthy ecosystem and is especially well-reputed for the prolific number of inshore fish. Anglers travel from near and far to take advantage of the amazing redfish and snook fishing that the area waters offer. Redfish and snook thrive here, making it a prime location for exceptional angling opportunities.

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