Black Drum Fishing In St. Pete

The waters in and around St. Petersburg, Florida, are teeming with large varieties of fish in a habitat with endless possibilities. One popular species for many fishermen in the area is the black drum. Black drum, known as a close cousin to red drum (redfish), are tough fighters and plentiful in the area, providing an excellent catch opportunity for area anglers.

When targetting black drum on the west coast of Florida, the approach is similar to fishing for red drum.   Tackle and tactics closely mirror those used for redfish with a similar concentration on inshore and coastal water.

St. Pete is a productive fishery for inshore black drum. Just like their cousins, the redfish, black drum frequent shallow flats, bays, estuaries, and shoreline areas where they prefer cover like docks, bridges, shell bars, and other skinny water micro-habitats in search of food.   The best spots to look for black drum are structures and cover that serve as staging areas and/or ambush points in their quest for food. They commonly look for crustaceans like crabs, oysters, and shrimp as their preferred meal.

A picture of Black Drum Fishing In St. Pete on one of our St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

Like much of Florida, this portion of the Gulf Coast has moderate climate changes, meaning that the fishing here is outstanding throughout the year. Like many other species, black drum are almost always abundantly present, making them a great target year-round.

Black drum are edible and provide a tasty end-of-the-day meal for visitors looking to harvest their catch. Please note that fishing in Florida is regulated.  Anglers should remember to check regulations before an outing to understand restrictions on keeping black drum. 

St. Pete is a virtual fishing paradise because of its rich ecosystem full of fish, forage, and wildlife.   Our fishery is incredible, sure to exceed your black drum fishing expectations.

For a memorable and productive inshore Florida fishing experience, book a trip with Non-Stop Fishing Charters today.   If you’re looking for a great black drum fishing excursion in St. Pete, Capt. Kevin has plenty of know-how and experience on local waters to put you on the fish for a fun, memorable experience that will put fish in the boat and smiles on your face!